Are you a lazada Seller ?

Do you have trouble tallying your payments ?

Do you often encounter delivery failure or missing parcels ?

Do you mistakenly send the same parcel twice ?

Do your subsidies always fail to tally ?

( is formerly known as CTHHelp)


PayRecon is able to solve all your pain points through our features:
1) Automatic Tallying: PayRecon will automatically scan through your orders and match it with the payments received. Any unpaid reports will be displayed in the dashboard.
2) Parcel Tracking: PayRecon will automatically track your parcel, and sort your orders based on Shipped, Transit, and Sent statuses.
3) Carrier Manifest Generator: Create your carrier manifest on PayRecon, and the platform automatically record and update your inventory.
4) Subsidies Report: PayRecon will automatically record your subsidies and display it on your dashboard.
5)Sync all Orders info to Accounting System with 1 click.

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Clients Testimonials

The payment reconciliation system is very convenient and accurate. This system is highly recommended for all sellers.

I'm happy with the service provided by It saves me a lot of time by sorting out all my accounting problems. automated my daily operations. It is simple to use and has helped me cut down a lot of manpower.

I find that really helps me a lot, especially the “Scan” function that helps me avoid double sent. It gives me peace of mind. makes payment reconciliation very simple. Now, I can easily sort my order based on their status, all in just one click!

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